Attention FPS Gamers:  You Can Soon Own And Move Your Kit To Different Games

Players can spend days, weeks, or even months of in-game time grinding for a skin within a traditional FPS. Now, that time investment can be worth it, few things compare to getting that 0.01% drop chance, or the best skin for your favorite rifle. However, what doesn’t sit quite as well with most people is what can happen afterwards.

Over 1.74% of all Steam accounts are banned with no recourse or way of getting the account back. This means over 1 million people had all of their in-game purchases and items effectively stolen from them by Steam alone.

This is because, at the end of the day, players don’t own their accounts. They don’t own the skins or guns they have in-game. However, there is a new branch of gaming aiming to provide the player not just with ownership, but with the right to sell or trade the skins and items with other players if they see fit.

Today, we’ll be looking over this issue, as well as Digital Arms- a company that uses the blockchain to make this right. 

Why The Current Model Of FPS Gaming Is Unfair

Have you ever wondered what happens to in-game assets in case an account gets banned? It’s quite simple- they disappear. Regardless of how much time or money was stolen from the player by the company, they get no compensation. This is because gamers don’t actually own any in-game accessories. Legally speaking, they’re only licensed to you and can be revoked at any time.

Imagine if your car could get taken away simply because the car manufacturer or seller didn’t like the particular way you drive it? Similarly, have you ever wondered why you can’t take your guns, accesories, or other in-game pieces and transfer them to a similar game?

While most companies will talk about this being a difficult thing to implement technically, in reality, it’s because they want to profit off of players having to pay for the same thing in multiple games.

This is simply unfair, especially for franchises like CoD or Battlefield, that put out a game every year or two. Imagine if you were able to not only own your skins so they can’t be taken away, but also transfer your accessories from game to game seamlessly?

Oftentimes, this can even be true of the same game on different platforms or accounts. You want to transfer your account from one server to another? Many games would force you to give up parts of your account in the process of moving, if they even allowed that at all.


How Digital Arms Revolutionizes The FPS Industry

If you’ve ever wanted to own a completely unique gun that is provably yours in a game- Digital Arms will let you do that. This NFT and gamification project has the exclusive IP rights to some of the world’s biggest firearm brands.

So, what does this platform bring that is so revolutionary for gaming? The answer is twofold.

Firstly, you will finally be able to own your guns, skins, and accessories. Each one of the accessories sold by Digital Arms is an NFT. This means that once you buy one from their NFT marketplace, they’re unique, and provably yours. No matter what happens to Digital Arms, your account on a gaming website, or even the games you play themselves, the assets you bought will forever remain yours.

Second, Digital Arms allows you to take your assets, and use them in other games. Imagine if you could use skins and guns you got in one game to play another- that’s what they offer. Furthermore, they’ve recently jumped into the Metaverse space as well, partnering with AFKDAO.

One of Digital Arms’ biggest selling points is that they have exclusive IP rights to creating NFTs of certain guns. The team behind the platform are all gun lovers, and it shows. Each gun is beautifully rendered, unique, and licensed. 

Finally, Digital Arms with its $HNTR token allows you for a variety of different ways to make money through investments. Whether this be by seeling off a rare skin on their marketplace, or by staking the tokens themselves.

Being able to use the same kit in multiple games makes investing in each gun or skin much safer, as even if you get bored of a game, or the game dies, you can simply take your gear and use it in another one.

Closing Words

The gaming world has been more and more predatorial, trying to steal player’s valuable time and money. Today, we have means of ensuring that you actually own your in-game assets, and that they cannot be taken away.

One such platform is Digital Arms- a first of its kind, IP licensed creator and marketplace of NFT guns and in-game accessories. Digital arms allows players to move their kit from one game to another, in addition to presenting excellent investment opportunities.

All in all, we expect companies like Digital Arms to keep popping up, pioneering the idea that gamers everywhere should be able to own their assets.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice



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