Digital Arms Begins Whitelisting Campaign for Exclusive DogTag NFTs and HNTR Rewards

Digital Arms is giving away four exclusive DogTag NFTs, required to enlist in the coming FPS Metaverse.

Digital Arms DogTags are the most important NFT drop for the project, as they offer exclusive benefits to early adopters that won’t be available in subsequent collections. Early adopters have a chance to secure the NFTs now and receive long-term utility.

Specifically, holding Early Access DogTag NFTs grants a large APY bonus for staking HNTR, Pre-sale access to licensed firearm drops, soldier avatars, whitelisting to partner NFT drops and more goodies. Plus, holders get to chat privately with the team in a dedicated channel, get sneak peeks of team announcements and early access to Digital Arms events.

With the current giveaway, 4 DogTags are up for grabs. The 1st place winner will also receive 10,000 HNTR tokens, with 5,000, 2,000 and 1,000 being given to 2nd, 3rd and 4th places respectively. To join, prospective participants need to retweet the contest, join the Digital Arms Discord and connect their MetaMask address.

This is the first part of the Digital Arms whitelist campaign, which will distribute or offer early mint access of some of the early spots to lucky winners. After 50 NFTs, the mint price will rise, making it important to snag the early NFTs.

Digital Arms is the world’s first NFT marketplace for gun fans and shooter players, holding exclusive IP rights to worldwide leading firearm brands such as Barrett, CMMG, ZEV and many others. The NFTs will represent popular firearms, which are interoperable with more than half a dozen already-secured partnerships with popular Metaverse shooter games and platforms like Farcana, Born To Die, Ignite. The Digital Arms ecosystem will grow to offer ever more utility for the NFTs and the developers who wish to use them.

To enter Digital Arms DogTag NFT click here

About Digital Arms

Digital Arms hosts exclusive IP rights to the world’s leading firearm brands. It has created a large, interactive NFT marketplace where users can explore, purchase, and trade digital firearms and accessories as NFTs. This will help facilitate NFT firearm gaming interoperability, and build new use cases for the metaverse, gaming and guild platforms. Digital Arms appeals to firearm enthusiasts and the shooter gaming community.

by Press Release – September 1, 2022 – [Source Link]



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