Chris Watkins is a hands-on Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with expertise in business development and operations. Through strategic foresight, drive, and determination, Chris built a strong foundation for his successful multimillion-dollar company TSA Outdoors, of which he has capitalized on managing SMEs from a c-suite level.

Chris is also the founder of his own ZeroTech Optics brand, which had a highly successful launch and quickly took over the Australian market. ZeroTech is turning into a globally distributed brand, which partners with very well recognized companies within the firearms industry.

As a leader and self-sufficient innovator, 2021 has seen Chris become the driver in developing Digital Arms and Hunter Token ($HNTR). He is a savvy negotiator known for strong business development and relationship building skills. Chris’ innate ability to build high-performance teams, including his strategically-selected executive management staff, has served as a growth catalyst and infused productive energy into the workplace.


VP BizDev

Nathan has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the contractual relations and sales space.

For the past 15 years, Nathan has been working in the firearms industry overseeing sales and marketing as well as business development. He has a wide network in the hunting industry which will be fully utilized for the Digital Arms project.

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Mike Sexton - Digital ArmsMIKE SEXTON


Mike is a seasoned solution architect and software developer with experience across a broad range of technologies and industries.

He has a passion for blockchain and a keen vision for the future of these disruptive technologies.

With over 25 years of experience working for large corporates and consulting firms Mike has been through all stages of complex system builds and implementations, he understands what it takes to deliver high quality products and will ensure the technology is aligned with the business needs.

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Ben is the Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Arms, bringing over 12 years’ experience working with top tier brands to manage and coach complex marketing teams to successfully meet their strategic outcomes.

Ben holds a lifelong connection to the hunting and shooting sports industry which has built a large and diverse network of industry contacts. Ben’s ability to effectively develop and enhance business relationships will be utilized for the Digital Arms project.

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Matthew is the Chief Financial Officer of Digital Arms and has 18 years’ experience working across the UK and Australia in a variety of commercial and finance roles.

He is the current C.F.O of TSA Outdoors and has a proven track record of managing all accounting, finance and human resources activities matters as well as providing financial strategic advice to executives and the board.

Matthew’s role will have an emphasis on identifying, understanding and managing financial risks of the project, as well as on looking after investor relations.

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Sarah Edwards heads up Design and Branding for Digital Arms.

She has been working in the digital design space for over 20 years and her skills range widely from visual, digital, user interface through to print and packaging solutions.

She has experience working on complex mobile/web campaigns with consumer focused marketing and enjoys a fast paced environment.

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Ralph is a seasoned Entrepreneur and an early blockchain adopter having more than 15 years of experience in the corporate sector.

Ralph has worked within large-scale tech companies like Sensis and Telstra, handling projects for notable organizations such as Victoria Police, Australian Unity and major brands in Australia.

Ralph envisioned the power of decentralization and blockchain’s disruptive potential during its early days and conceived Blockchain Australia (BA), a celebrated company firmly focused on connecting the dots in the ever-evolving blockchain, cryptocurrency and IoT space. BA grew into the most trusted name in the Australian tech ecosystem. Going ahead, Ralph co-founded a series of startups in the Store and Payments domains like Tribe Digital ventures and Payscript.

Due to his business acumen and entrepreneur mindset, Ralph was also invited to advise and work alongside the biggest sporting brands of the country by helping them onboard the NFT train. Ralph’s background in business consultancy and digital marketing made him acutely aware of the digitized landscape and emerging digital ecosystems due to which he successfully mentors a number of blockchain startups by providing incubation support wherever necessary, in an effort to contribute his best towards the growth of the blockchain space and the Australian economy.

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Harly has a deep understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and the laws surrounding them.

Harly initially entered the cryptocurrency space in 2015 mining Bitcoin. He has since helped to establish multiple digital currencies, digital exchanges, and blockchain projects on both a national and global scale. Harly often provides transactional advice on high net worth cryptocurrency transactions and the legalities surrounding those transactions. Currently, he is supporting the movement of technological advancement in the traditional capital markets via blockchain technology.

Harly’s business acumen and extensive knowledge of the field translates to great success when working in corporate law and advisory. He has advised international and Australian companies on reverse takeovers, Initial Public Offerings, and mergers and acquisitions.

Outside of the law Harly also acts as a cryptocurrency and blockchain consultant. He is a token economics expert creating viable economic models for many of his clients. He has guided hundreds of businesses relating to crypto currency and blockchain implementation. Harly is one of the few lawyers in Australia with a genuine understanding of cryptocurrency’s many complexities and the laws that may relevantly apply.

Harly successfully led, managed, and sought regulatory approval for the first Initial Public Offering in the world that accepted cryptocurrency as a form of consideration.

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Inji is a respected practitioner and lecturer in business-aligned Enterprise Architecture, and author of several publications on the topic.

His well-rounded experience was gained at consulting and systems integration houses such as Infosys, IBM, Logica, Deloitte, Capgemini and Unisys (Australia and UK), as well as at Health Insurance giants Medibank and Bupa.

With Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Information Systems from London University, Inji has brought an innovative, informed perspective to Enterprise Architecture leadership across many industries, including finance, insurance, utilities and FMCG. He has also led the development of enterprise transformation roadmaps and program architecture, and most recently, Blockchain solutioning and go to market activities.

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Ernest Chuang is an experienced blockchain advisor, investor and enthusiast with a demonstrated history of working in the blockchain industry.

Ernest provides marketing and advisory services for projects launching cryptocurrency offerings. He is highly skilled in ICO promotion, bounty campaigns, content creation, fundraising and business strategy & relations. He has helped projects with raising an estimated total of $65M USD.

Ernest has extensive connections in the media and press publishing industry and has been able to get various startups featured on Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Nasdaq, yahoo finance, Marketwatch, etc.

His extensive connections with cryptocurrency exchanges has seen him introduce projects for listing on world renowned exchanges.

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Ravi has worked for reputed multinationals at senior levels and has specialized in managing joint ventures and new business launches.

Ravi was the Managing Director – Investment Consulting for Sun Life Financial of Canada. He has also worked for Sun Life Hong Kong and was the CEO for the Sun Life joint venture in Vietnam, based in Hanoi. He has also been part of Sun Life Global Investments, Toronto. Prior to joining Sun Life, he had previously worked for multinationals like Aditya Birla Group. Panasonic, Sanyo and Hawkins.

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Amy Hawthorne is a copywriter with 10+ years’ experience writing for major brands in Australia, the UK, the USA and New Zealand

She provides branding, SEO and copywriting services for startups through to multinational organizations. Amy has led content teams for some of Australia’s biggest digital marketing agencies, and now works closely with Blockchain Australia providing a range of copywriting services for businesses capitalizing on the blockchain space.

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